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We aim to be the voice for family owned and/or family run businesses in the UK. We have left the European Union and now as a country we must become more competitive, increase our exports and trade and pay our own way in the world. We’ve got to make a success of it. 

Over 80% of British businesses are family based, from sole traders to large private enterprises. For to long, family run and/or family owned businesses have not been listened to by government. Multinational firms have been in the driving seat  for too long. We believe it’s time for the real heroes of British business, the family entrepreneurs to have their say on the future of this country.

Our priorities are going to be your priorities. Our plans for 2021 are to build our organisation quickly to become a self-financing business group that surveys its supporters directly and campaigns on agreed priorities. We intend to give you a voice and pursue campaigns with vigour. We will update you on a weekly basis to show you how we are working on your behalf.

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