Our success will be their failure. EU will NEVER let us leave easily, warns JOHN LONGWORTH

NO deal has always been the best approach. It seems inappropriate to exhibit Germanic schadenfreude so I hesitate to remind politicians that way back in 2016 I was one of a very few people who said to the Government and in the press, that the UK should not negotiate but should instead adopt a very simple position.

That position was to say to the EU that we intend to leave on WTO terms and set a date of our choosing for that exit. We should also say that our door is open should the EU wish to seek a trade arrangement. This would have simultaneously changed the dynamic of any conversation. It would have shown our determination to seek independence and given absolute certainty to business in order that they might plan to manage the exit and pursue the opportunities it presented.

Read more : https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1371734/eu-boris-johnson-eu-failure-success-no-deal


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